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Easy Ways to Build Your Ankle Strength

Trust us on this one: strong ankles are important. Really important. Whatever your age, your lifestyle and activity level, or your injury history may be, ankle strength should not be ignored. Everyone depends on these critical joints to help them get about their day...

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Clubfoot: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Maybe the doctors detected it on the ultrasound. Or maybe it wasn’t apparent until just after birth. But either way, it’s unavoidable: your little one has clubfoot. Now what? At this stage, it’s normal to feel sad, scared, angry… even devastated. It’s your baby! But...

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Why We Celebrate World Clubfoot Day

Every June, we take time to celebrate World Clubfoot Day. It is not just a special time for us, but for the children we treat and their families as well. Clubfoot treatment is a life-changing journey for all who are involved. From the medical professionals who find...

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