Ponseti Clubfoot Casting

We understand that discovering your little one has clubfoot can be overwhelming. It’s a condition where your baby’s foot appears twisted and can’t be placed flat on the ground. But don’t worry. We’re here to help. Through a gentle, effective process called Ponseti casting, we can gradually reshape your child’s foot. You’re not alone in this journey. We’ll navigate it together, creating a brighter future for your little star.

What is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a congenital foot deformity where your baby’s foot appears twisted, resembling a golf club. It happens when the tendons connecting their leg muscles to their foot bones are short and tight, pulling their foot inward. It affects about 1 in 1,000 babies, both boys and girls.

baby receiving treatment for club foot

We understand how scary this can look, but rest assured, with early treatment, we can help your little one live a happy, active life. We classify it into three types: idiopathic, neurogenic, and syndromic. Idiopathic is the most common and has no identifiable cause. Neurogenic results from nerve or muscle disorders and syndromic is associated with genetic conditions.

What is the Ponseti Clubfoot Casting Treatment?

The Ponseti Clubfoot Casting Treatment is a highly effective, non-surgical method to correct clubfoot in infants. We understand that discovering your child has clubfoot can be overwhelming, but with this gentle treatment, we aim to provide the best possible outcome for

The Casting Phase

The casting phase is the initial step in correcting your child’s clubfoot. In this phase, we gently manipulate and stretch the foot into a more natural position. We then apply a series of lightweight casts to maintain the corrected position. These casts will be changed every 1-2 weeks as your child’s foot progressively improves. The number of casts required depends on the severity of the deformity but typically ranges from 4-6 casts.

The Maintenance Phase

After the casting phase, we transition to the maintenance phase to ensure the corrected position is held. This phase usually involves the use of a foot abduction brace, which consists of specialized boots connected by a bar. Your child will need to wear this brace for 23 hours a day initially, gradually reducing the hours as they grow older. Following the brace schedule is crucial to prevent relapse and maintain the corrected foot position.

child's feet in a cast

Timeline of Treatment 

The Ponseti treatment begins soon after birth, ideally within the first few weeks. The casting phase generally takes around two months to complete, depending on the number of casts needed. After that, the maintenance phase starts and continues until your child is around 4-5 years old, with the hours of brace use decreasing over time.

Is Surgery Needed?

Surgery for clubfoot is generally considered when the Ponseti method is not sufficient to correct the deformity or if the foot relapses despite proper treatment. It’s also an option in cases where the treatment starts late or the deformity is severe. We assure you, surgery is only recommended in these specific circumstances to ensure your child’s well-being.

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Reach out to us today for expert guidance on clubfoot treatment. We welcome family involvement, as we believe in the power of knowledge and support to foster confidence. You’re not alone on this journey. Together, we can ensure the best care for your child and celebrate every step of their progress. Contact us today – your child’s journey to recovery begins here.


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