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What You Need to Know About Webbed Toes

What’s one of the first things most new parents do after holding their newborn for the first time? (Besides smiling, laughing, and crying tears of joy all at once, of course?) Count their fingers and toes, of course! Well, what happens when you arrive at a number...

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Shedding Light on Plantar Wart Myths

Our upcoming Halloween holiday is a time full of myths, stories, and legends—often with a scary or spooky twist. At the end of the day, though, these are pretty much all a matter of fiction. Fictitious Halloween elements add to the fun and excitement of the holiday,...

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Wait … Can Your Feet Make Your Back Hurt?

Indulge us for a minute while we talk a bit about a nightmare scenario for any homeowner. (Don’t worry—this all relates back to foot care. Just stick with us.) Let’s say you’ve got a lovely home. Maybe you just bought it, or maybe you’ve been living there for years....

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