You love your baby and want the best for him or her, so when your newborn is diagnosed with clubfoot, you may worry. Does it hurt? Will he be able to walk? Will she need surgery? We want to put your mind at rest. This foot deformity is not painful for your baby, and he or she should be able to walk normally, without the need for surgery except in a few special cases.

The condition is a congenital birth defect, meaning it develops in the womb and is present at birth. It is often visible on an ultrasound during pregnancy, so you may have had advanced warning, which is a good thing. It means we will be ready to treat it as soon as your baby is born.

The tendons are tight and pull your child’s foot out of proper position. A tight Achilles pulls the foot down, and the feet are also pointed toward the center of the body and tilted with the soles up. They can resemble the head of a golf club—thus the term clubfoot.

Remember, this does not cause your baby any discomfort as long as he or she is not walking. However, if it is not treated, that will change as your little one gets older and starts moving around. It would be almost impossible to wear shoes and walk with the feet left in this position.

Fortunately, we specialize in clubfoot treatment here at Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists. Beginning the Ponseti method of treatment soon after birth will help your baby’s feet and legs develop in the correct position, because their bones and tissues are still soft and malleable. This is the most effective treatment to date that promotes correct development and full and normal activity for your child.

Call our office in Ladera Ranch, CA at (949) 364-WALK (9255) to learn more about the condition and its treatment. You can also learn more by reading what others have said about their experience. You can be confident that your baby is getting expert treatment from professionals who care about you and your family.

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