Digital X-Ray

Not every diagnosis can be made just talking through your symptoms and conducting a visual examination. Sometimes a doctor needs to be able to see the internal structure of your feet or ankles, especially if a bone fracture is suspected. Being able to tell not only that an injury occurred, but also precisely where and how it occurred, helps us provide the best possible care.

Digital X-ray machines are among the best tools currently available to physicians in order to make these kinds of diagnoses for a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions. We are proud to offer this to our patients at our Ladera Ranch office, which prevents the need for costly and time-consuming referrals to a hospital or other specialist.

Advantages of Going Digital

X-rays have been used in medical and clinical settings for more than 100 years—since at least the mid-1890s. Since that time, there has been constant refinement and improvement in the technology to make it faster, safer, and better for patients and doctors alike.

For most of the 20th century, X-ray images were made on traditional photographic film that would have to be developed and processed chemically. But in the last few decades and into the 21st century, these have been increasingly replaced with digital machines—such as the one in our office.

Digital X-rays have many advantages over older technologies:

  • Instant feedback. Digital X-rays don’t have to be developed. The doctor and patient can view the images immediately after the image is taken.
  • More forgiving image conditions. A digital X-ray has a wide dynamic range, which means that it can still produce useful images even if the picture is slightly over- or under-exposed. An older X-ray is less forgiving and more likely to require re-takes (which may not be apparent until after the image is developed).
  • Greater safety. A digital X-ray machine requires less overall radiation to produce an image of equal quality and contrast to one made on film.
  • Image transfer and enhancement options. Because of the digital media, X-rays taken by a digital device are easy to enhance, and easy to transfer to other members of the medical team or other involved specialists.

The Right Treatment Starts with the Right Diagnosis

At Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists, our team uses a high-quality digital X-ray system that was specially developed for use with the feet and ankles. Integrated software helps ensure a smooth and quick process from exposure, to digital image, to getting you the care you need.

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