World Clubfoot Day

by | May 20, 2019

Clubfoot families, assemble!

More specifically, assemble on June 1 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Florence Joyner Olympiad Park to celebrate World Clubfoot Day California with other clubfoot families from our Ladera Ranch community and beyond!

You can learn more about the global World Clubfoot Day here.

Okay, so why did we start this particular post by paraphrasing the rallying cry: “Avengers, assemble!”?

Because the theme for this year’s celebration is Calling All Superheroes!

Real-Life Superheroes

When we say “all” superheroes, we mean it:

  • The children who overcome clubfoot display serious strength, like the kind possessed by The Hulk, Superman, and Captain Marvel.
  • Parents use intelligence rivaling that of Black Panther, Tony Stark/Iron Man, and Batman (aka, “The World’s Greatest Detective”) when seeking treatment for a child who is afflicted with this condition.
  • Beyond strength and intelligence, superheroes are courageous and dedicated to making the lives of others better—traits that can also be found within those whose lives are touched by clubfoot.

Now, this year’s superhero theme might be new, but the core mission of World Clubfoot Day California hasn’t changed. We are still committed to raising awareness for this cause, educating the public about clubfoot, and connecting, inspiring, and supporting local and international clubfoot organizations.

This year, we are raising funds for miraclefeet (an organization dedicated to transforming lives by treating clubfoot)!

World Clubfoot Day

You Know the Theme, Now Get the Details!

The first detail you really need to know involves the tremendous amount it costs to attend:

Absolutely nothing!

Yep, admission is completely free. Along with this, it’s a very family-friendly event—which also should help our goal of allowing as many clubfoot families to come out and join us as possible.

We’ll be going strong until 2:00, so bring along a picnic lunch!

Now, because World Clubfoot Day California is a celebration, we want it to be a fun experience for you and your family. Given that children (and many adults) love superheroes, we’ve decided to embrace this year’s theme and really run—like The Flash—with it.

Looking for something superhero-related to wear on June 1? Check out The Clubfoot Store!

(They also have non-superhero t-shirts, hoodies, baby onesies, and other clubfoot swag!)

(Just one more link: Here’s the story behind The Clubfoot Store and their mission to raise awareness.)

Speaking of running, there will be a special dash for all kids who would like to participate. Every child who does will receive a medal, and this “race” should be quite entertaining with the kids dressed up as their favorite superheroes.

At a slower pace than the dash, there will also be a festive superhero parade. (So we encourage you to bring along decorated strollers, wagons, bikes, etc.)

You know what else kids love besides dressing up like their favorite heroes and running around? Having their faces painted—and we’re excited to let you know that your children will be able to at our World Clubfoot Day California celebration.

But what about for you, the parents?

Well, in addition to the great photo opportunities and enjoyment of watching the kids have so much fun, you can potentially win amazing prizes in our special raffle, try a little “superhero yoga,” and connect with other clubfoot parents!

Of course, both parents and children alike are free to groove to some great tunes and have some delicious popcorn and sno-cones.

Many Masked Vigilantes Usually Work Solo … But You Aren’t on Your Own!

Whereas this event is going to be a lot of fun, it’s also the perfect opportunity for clubfoot families to meet, connect, and support each other. Sometimes, it can be really nice to just see firsthand that there are many others out there who are (or have been) in your situation.

In fact, World Clubfoot Day California started when clubfoot mom Jill Harold, clubfoot dad (and triathlete!) Tony Spineto, and our own Dr. Rodriguez had a shared vision of bringing clubfoot families together.

And because of that vision, you are now able to join us—and attendees from all over California (and beyond!)—as you both inspire and be inspired by others!

Oh, speaking of “and beyond”:

World Clubfoot Day is a global celebration (as you might have guessed based on its name…). And that means similar events are held in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the U.S., and so many other parts of the world.

See, you aren’t on your own when it comes to having a family touched by clubfoot; not by a long shot!

Super Teams

Here’s the deal:

In the popular Marvel movies, the Avengers weren’t always able to defeat their enemies individually.

In the world of DC comics, the Justice League (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.) was formed when the heroes couldn’t overcome villains on their own.

Sometimes, superheroes had to team up to accomplish an objective—one that often entailed saving the world.

Similarly, taking on clubfoot also requires a team-centric approach between you and your medical team (like our staff here at SCFAS). That’s why we work with you to ensure your child is receiving the proper care and attention. And, if you think about it, that “proper care and attention” all goes back to Dr. Ponseti and his tireless efforts in developing an effective method.

Even with all the tremendous amount of skills and abilities within teams of superheroes, there always had to be a leader to help provide guidance. Depending on the story being told, this might be a Professor Xavier or Captain America or Batman at the helm.  

Please note: Whereas the official date for World Clubfoot Day is June 3, it happens to fall on a Monday this year. We feel hosting our celebration on Saturday, June 1 would make it easier for you and your family to be able to attend.

Since Saturday is more convenient, why is the official date June 3? June 3rd is the day Dr. Ponseti, our hero was born.

We’re inclined to think that’s more than fair for the man whose method is used across the world to treat and prevent a condition that is one of the most common congenital birth defects.

Super Kids

Calling All Superheroes!!

We are proud that this is going to be the 4th annual World Clubfoot Day California and we hope you and your family come out to Florence Joyner Olympiad Park on June 1 to celebrate with us and other clubfoot families.

If you’re planning on it, remember that the festivities start at 11:00 a.m. and the park is located at 2276 Olympiad Rd. There will be popcorn and sno-cones, but don’t forget to bring along a picnic lunch!

If the weather is cooperative and we have a nice, sunny day, make sure you and your young ones have appropriate protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.).

Above all else, plan on having a great time. The kids will love the opportunity to dress up as their favorite heroes, run around a bit, and show off their costumes in the parade. And clubfoot parents just like you will love the chance to connect with others who understand the congenital birth defect much better than others out there possibly can.

Want more information? Have any questions? Just call (949) 364-9255 and we’ll be happy to help.

We hope to see you at World Clubfoot Day California!