Santiago was a newborn that we started ponseti clubfoot casting when he was a couple of days old. He had a total of 5 casts applied with a TAL done before his last cast that he wore for 3 weeks (making his total treatment time 7 weeks). He went into the Ponseti brace for 24/7 the first 3 months and then slowly transitioned to only wearing the brace while napping and sleeping.

“It was day two or three of our stay at White Memorial Hospital in the labor unit. I grew tired of all of the doctors and interns that came to visit my son because he was born with a clubfoot on his right foot only. It felt like we were a show, but there was one intern who was very nice to talk to and she worked for Dr. Spencer. She relayed the message to Dr. Spencer that I would like to meet with him and see if he could possibly help my son. Dr. Spencer came to the hospital and explained the treatment plan.

As soon as we got out of the hospital we went to see Dr. Spencer and Dr. Rodriguez. It all happened so fast, Dr. Rodriguez not only spoke to me as a parent but I felt that she treated me as one of her interns as well. I really appreciated that about her and Dr. Spencer because it made me more knowledgeable about what my son had as well as less worried in terms of the procedures that would happen to my son.

Not only did I have my first newborn ever but he also had about a pound of casting on his right foot, which made it very difficult to do a lot of things that most people don’t even think twice about. They gave me their personal numbers and emails so that if I have any questions or concerns I could call and that made me feel even twice as secure with the doctors that I had picked for my son.

Unfortunately, my insurance wanted me to switch doctors in the middle of treatment, the doctors and I tried to fight the insurance to let us continue our care with Dr. Spencer and Dr. Rodriguez. Although the insurance company insisted on me going to another institution, they graciously continued to see us.

We would always go see Dr. Spencer and Dr. Rodriguez before our appointments with the other institution, because I strongly believe that they weren’t as knowledgeable as Dr. Rodriguez. I know this because when I would ask them questions they were stumped easily. Dr. Rodriguez trained me well.

Dr. Rodriguez was mentored by the best but does not let it go to her head. She is very sweet and loves her job and it shows when she talks to you and in the way she treats your child. I couldn’t have wished for a better duo they’re my heroes and quite frankly I don’t think I could have kept sane the first year of my son’s life if I didn’t have them.

Because Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Spencer helped my son so early in life he was able to walk on time, meeting most of his milestones, he plays sports, runs, jumps and is currently taking swimming class. His feet are perfect! He is almost 4 years old and enjoys putting on his braces at night as part of his bedtime routine.”


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