Resources for a Clubfoot Parent: Information and Support

by | Jan 27, 2020

Learning that your child has clubfoot can be devastating.

Every parent worries for their child’s health and well-being, and that starts well before they are born. To receive the news of clubfoot during a prenatal examination or to learn of it upon birth can open a floodgate of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty about what lies ahead for your child.

Another terrible feeling that can come with a clubfoot diagnosis is isolation. All you ever wanted was a normal upbringing for your child; an opportunity that every other parent around you has (or at least that’s how it can seem). But now what will happen?

As experts in clubfoot care and treatment, please let us assure you of two things:

  1. There is no real “normal.” You can still provide your child a fantastic, loving childhood.
  2. You are far from alone in what you are experiencing and feeling.

Our goal at Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists is not only to provide clubfoot correction; it is also to provide clubfoot families the information and support they need to face the challenges of clubfoot with understanding and heightened spirit.

And we are happy to provide these resources to whomever we can.

Finding Information on Clubfoot

If you have found this article, odds are good that you have been searching for information on clubfoot causes, treatments, and prognoses.

Our website does provide some answers to general questions about clubfoot, including causes and treatments. You can also read a couple stories from families we have treated in the past, providing more insight into their journeys.

Our practice also specializes in the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment. This method slowly and gently corrects clubfeet through the use of plaster casting and clubfoot bracing over time. Using the Ponseti method is an alternative to surgeries that are more invasive and may have extra lasting effects.

Dr. Nitza Rodriguez studied under Dr. Ponseti himself, and we highly recommend the Ponseti International website for further information on this technique.

With all this said, general information you can find online does not provide a full picture for the particular situation you may be facing. Direct consultation will fill in the gaps and help provide answers to the specific questions you may have.

We are more than happy to schedule an appointment with you and your child to provide a thorough examination and recommendations, as well as give you further information that you may want or need. Even if you do not live in our area, we may still be able to provide some guidance and direct you to ideal local options. Our online contact form is open for such requests.    

Finding Emotional and Spiritual Support

Medical care is one thing, but clubfoot treatment can take a long time. Having comfort, reassurance, and people to turn to during any potential low points on the journey are needs that should never be overlooked.

As we noted earlier, you are most certainly not alone as a clubfoot parent, and your child is not alone as one with clubfoot as well.

We believe that fostering a healthy, supportive community of those who have gone through or are currently going through treatment is an essential service for those in need of it. We can offer plenty of advice on the medical side of things, but the day-to-day insights of a fellow parent who has made the journey themselves can be equally valuable.

We have a local Clubfoot Community that meets on regular occasions to talk and share, as well as provide opportunities for clubfoot children to play together. It’s all about friendship, bonding, and mutual support.

We will gladly include any clubfoot families within our network. You do not have to be receiving treatment from our practice to ask. We also have a Facebook page that provides news on upcoming events. One such gathering is our annual World Clubfoot Day celebration in June, so please be on the lookout for more information if you are interested!

Clubfoot is Just One Step on A Great Journey

However you may currently feel about your child’s clubfoot diagnosis, those feelings are real and very much worth expressing. We are not here to say you should be happy instead.

But the more informed you are and the more support you have available to you, the better assurance you can have for you, your child, and all who care about you.

Clubfoot is treatable. Many know what you are going through, and many want to extend a caring hand to you. And one day, in the future, you may find yourself on the other side, reaching out your hand to a family that is in the position you are in right now.

If you would like to schedule an appointment at our Ladera Ranch office, please give us a call at (949) 364-9255 (WALK). You may also fill out our online contact form and a member of our staff will respond to you during our standard office hours.