If you’re looking for something different to do this summer, why not check out the Wonder of Dinosaurs at the Laguna Hills Mall? Escape the heat by heading inside to pan for fossils, explore a prehistoric world, and even ride a life-like T-rex! The best part is, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away—but if you’re going to do that (hop, skip and jump), you better be careful to avoid an Achilles injury!

Hey, it can happen. Sure, athletes are the most common victims of an Achilles tendon rupture, but truth be told, anyone could incur this serious injury if preventative steps aren’t taken to keep tendons flexible and strong—you know, like a dinosaur!

The main thing you can do to reduce your chance of an Achilles injury is to stretch and strengthen your calf muscles. Stretching will keep your Achilles loose and flexible, and strengthening exercises—like raising up and down on your toes—will allow the muscle and tendon to absorb stress more easily.

Another good prevention measure is to vary your workouts. Incorporate lower-impact activities like walking, biking, and swimming into your regular routine to give yourself a break from high-impact sports that involve a lot of jumping and running.

Speaking of running, if you do it, choose your route wisely! Avoid hard or slippery surfaces, as well as lots of hills. Also, be sure to wear appropriate shoes that offer cushioning and support. Lastly, never do too much too soon. It’s important to increase intensity of activity slowly. You should increase frequency and duration no more than 10 percent each week.

Don’t let your days of summer fun go extinct! Follow these tips to avoid an Achilles tendon rupture. For more information, call (949) 364-9255 or visit Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists in Ladera Ranch, CA today.