The Achilles tendon is often the site of injury for many individuals. The tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone, and plays a critical role in the ability to walk. Because this tendon is often susceptible to injury, treatment is required in order for patients to properly heal and not suffer from related issues involving the ankle. The tendon is susceptible to many different types of injuries and conditions. Two common issues that occur most frequently are tendinitis and tendinosis, here’s a look at the difference.

What is tendinosis?

Tendinosis is a term for small tears in the tissue surrounding the tendon. These tears are most often caused by overuse. These tears often result in intense Achilles tendon pain that can make walking and running difficult and uncomfortable.

What is tendinitis?

Most often associated with an inflamed Achilles tendon, tendinitis is often the result of a sudden injury, however it is also common in those with repetitive jobs or those who participate in repetitive activities. The inflamed tendon often results in swelling.

achilles Tendon Diagnosis

When a patient ruptures their Achilles tendon, they often describe the pain as intense, as if they took a sudden hit to the calf or ankle. Sometimes, a patient will report hearing a “pop” or “crackle” in their ankle.

What are common Achilles tendon treatments?

Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment is typically nonsurgical for those with a sedentary lifestyle. Walking with a boot or with a cast for several weeks may be the required treatment, but in more serious cases, surgery must be considered.

As injuries to the Achilles tendon can affect the way an individual walks, the surgery reattaches the tendon in an effort to allow the patient to resume normal walking function.


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