While you may know or have heard that clubfoot is a highly treatable birth defect, the process may feel long and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Fear, frustration, worry and even guilt are commonly experienced by many parents on this journey! YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME! Many other parents and families have gone though, or are currently going through, exactly these exact emotions.

At Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists, we have our own network of mothers and fathers, grandparents, friends, and family who know the challenges you are facing. We believe there is strength in numbers and knowledge! Our Clubfoot Club offers a support network where families that are going through all the different stages of clubfoot can meet and share their experiences. This way your child can meet and play with other children with clubfoot who are undergoing the same treatment process. We hold regular meetups for both parents and children to just have fun together and bond. 

Our biggest event of the year is World Clubfoot Day California. Families from all over California and other states join us on this day to celebrate, inspire and support the clubfoot community. 

For more information about our SCFAS Clubfoot Club, please contact us today! You do not have to be a patient of our practice to take advantage of this service!

You can also follow us on Facebook to know about upcoming events.

Or join any of the numbers of other clubfoot facebook groups or support groups. Here are a few that our patients have recommended and are members of:

  • Clubfoot Community of California
  • Clubfoot Mommas
  • Thank You Dr. Morcuende/The Clubfoot Community
  • Thank You, Dr. Dobbs – Clubfoot Support
  • Adults/Teens with Clubfoot
Courtney Winger

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Courtney Winger

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