When the weather turns nice outdoors, you can’t keep some kids inside—or maybe it is better to say you shouldn’t let kids stay inside. For goodness sake, turn off the iPad, shut down the video games, and go outside and play with your kids! They will benefit from the exercise and the attention you give them, and you will be able to focus on their physical development and check for problems like pediatric flatfoot that may be bothering them.

We don’t say this to make you worry; in fact, we would rather you didn’t worry, because most of the time there is no reason to. Flat feet in children are very common and they usually do not cause pain. The reason we want you to observe this is so that if your child is one of the rare ones who develop pain and limitation from this condition, you can catch it early and get us on your team to help.

Flat feet that don’t have any symptoms do not require treatment. However, for achiness after activity, a stiff, rigid foot, or pain from a tight Achilles tendon that keeps your child from being active, there are simple treatments that can help. Good supportive shoes, over the counter inserts, gel heel cups that lifts the back of the foot slightly, or custom molded orthotics, and our targeted stretches may be all your child needs to run and play without discomfort.

If the case is more serious and conservative remedies are not taking care of the pain, we may advise surgery when your child is older. This is sometimes recommended for tarsal coalition (two rear foot bones that are joined abnormally) or a too-tight Achilles tendon that doesn’t respond to other treatment.

And don’t worry! We will explain everything to you so you can make a well-informed decision about treatment for your child’s pediatric flatfoot. Besides, when you come to Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists in Ladera Ranch, CA, you are trusting your child’s feet to doctors who specialize in kids’ foot and ankle problems. Call our office at (949) 364-9255 (WALK) today to schedule your appointment, or set one up though our website.

Photo credit: photostock via freedigitalphotos.net