Comparison of a normal foot with a bunionThe 21st Annual DAWG Walk & Pet Faire is almost here! Grab Fido’s leash and head over to Oso Viejo Community Park for a doggone good time. From K9 athletes to pet contests and adoptions to the beautiful w-a-l-k along the Oso Creek Trail, this is quality time for you and your furry best friend. Proceeds benefit homeless animals and that’s something to really get your tail wagging, but if your dogs are barking because of bunion pain you might not be looking forward to the fun. In fact, you might just want to sit and stay at home, and wonder why you got a bunion in the first place.

Well, you might have your parents to blame. If the condition runs in your family or you’ve inherited a weak or poor foot structure, you might just be prone to the problem. Arthritis can be the cause behind the bony bump as well, but one of the most common sources of bunion pain is simply your shoes. If the toe box is too narrow, the shoe fits too tight, or the heel is too high, you’re looking for trouble with a capital T. If toes don’t have enough room to lay flat, they can  rub against each other and be forced out of alignment, placing pressure on the resulting protruding joint, which then becomes red, swollen, and painful!

The first thing you have to do is change to footwear that fits properly. Ice and anti-inflammatory medicine can ease your pain, while orthotic shoe inserts can redistribute weight and take pressure off the area. You might want to try placing padding over the bunion, or taping your big toe to its neighbor so it stays in position. Once you do all this, then taking that stroll with your furry friend won’t sound so bad after all.

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