Weak Ankles Holding You Back

Ever since you had that huge ankle sprain when you jammed your foot sliding into second base, the joint hasn’t felt quite the same. You tend not to try stealing second anymore, because it feels like it wants to give way—and because you don’t want another injury that puffs your leg up like a balloon and turns it purple from toe to knee! The condition you have is called chronic ankle instability, and it can be a reason to hold you back from doing things you always loved.

Weak Ankles causing painWhy You Have Wobbly Ankles

Maybe it wasn’t one big injury, but rather several smaller sprains from dancing, sports, or other accidents over the years that have caused your unstable ankles. In any case, they feel wobbly because they are wobbly.

What happens is that the ligaments in your ankle become damaged, weakened, and stretched out. They are less elastic and are unable to contract and hold the bones in the joint firmly in place anymore (rather like worn out rubber bands that can’t hold a bundle of letters together).

When bones easily slip and slide out of position, you can lose your balance and fall. The weak ligaments and tendons also make it more likely that you will sustain another sprain in the future. Furthermore, they can grate on each other and cause pain when they move, so you end up avoiding activities that put stress on them.  Who wants to live like that?

Symptoms of Ankle Instability and Related Problems

Your ankle may ache, especially after standing or walking for a period of time. It may also be swollen to some degree, and tendons can become weak and frayed, or even rupture. Sometimes bone spurs can form and cause pressure or a grating feeling as well.

Mainly you will notice a feeling of insecurity, as though the foot and leg won’t support you. If you wear heels, you may tend to “fall off” from them as you walk, or twist your ankle easily. You won’t be able to handle walking on uneven surfaces very well, either.

Finding Help for Weak Ankles in Saddleback Valley

If you visit Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists for an ankle sprain, we can help your joint heal properly and possibly head off instability in the future. This may mean taking time off from favorite activities, using crutches or braces, icing and elevating to keep swelling down, and generally giving the ankle enough time to repair the tendons and ligaments. It may also mean physical therapy. Yes, it is a lot of time and work, but if you can head off a lifetime of problems, it is definitely worth the trouble now.

If you already have chronic ankle instability, and it is quite severe, the ligament damage may be advanced enough that nonsurgical methods like strengthening exercises and physical therapy will not suffice. If so, we will discuss surgical procedures with you so you can decide what is best to be done for your weak ankle.

We want to help you regain a stable foundation for your active life, so call our office in Ladera Ranch, CA at (949) 364-9255 (WALK) and set up a visit with our expert podiatrists. You can also contact us online to schedule. There is no need to continue suffering or missing out on life when help is right here.

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