How much do you know about types of arthritis in feet? This quiz will test your knowledge. If you are familiar with the game show Jeopardy!, you’ll understand our rules: we’ll describe a condition, you ask a question with the specific term. Here we go:

  1. This disease often affects the big toe and causes you to wake up at night screaming in pain (well, maybe not screaming, but you get the idea).
  2. This condition happens when your own immune system acts like a samurai warrior attacking the lining and cartilage in your foot joints.
  3. You might associate this form of the disease with grandpas and grandmas, as years of wear and tear can begin to degrade the cartilage in their joints.
  4. This type of arthritis can develop months or years after you broke your foot playing soccer or sprained it badly in a tennis match.

In case of a tie, here’s bonus round for you experts out there:

  1. The first symptom of this type can be an inflammatory rash on your skin, and later causes your toes and fingers (or other joints) to swell or nails to become pitted or discolored.

The questions are at the end of the blog, if you want to check how you did. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inflammatory diseases in your joints, but they are the ones that most often affect your feet. Symptoms vary, but usually include stiffness, pain, swelling, and a warmth or redness (the inflammatory reaction) that make moving difficult.

If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain that is not explained by an injury or other known condition, please don’t wait to come to Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists for an evaluation. We can use imaging and lab tests to confirm or rule out many forms of arthritis, and then we’ll know what you’re a dealing with and how to treat it.

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