Try These Sensible and Meaningful Foot Care Gifts for All

by | Dec 13, 2018

When searching for the right gifts, some items get a bad rap for being kind of “lazy” or downright “hokey.” Ties can be one example, as can many things you find in the “As Seen On TV” section of a store.

But let’s see things in the proper light, here. It’s never so much a gift in itself that could use more effort than the spirit and consideration behind its selection. Just picking any old tie off the rack to fill a gift box is not-so-wonderful, but giving a tie to someone who really wants one, or giving a tie that has some deeper meaning to your recipient is a home run. Even a “perfect egg boiler” is going to be a fantastic gift for someone who truly wants it!

And that brings us to foot-centered gifts. Socks tend to be what people think of first, and they have gained a reputation among the top tier of “go-to gifts when you have no idea what to give someone.”

In truth, however, there are plenty of great foot-related gifts that can show how much you care for someone. Our feet are our foundation, and the right gifts can make for a much happier and more comfortable daily life for both people we know and people we have yet to meet.

And yes, that include socks!

Here are some ideas for your gift-giving and charitable consideration.

Gifts for Elders

As we age, care and protection of our feet becomes ever more important. We begin to lose elasticity and moisture in our skin, which can lead to uncomfortable dryness and roughness.

We also tend to see a decrease in circulation to our feet. This can result in colder feet, but also lessens our ability to heal from sores and injuries effectively. This calls for better protection of our feet against sores and injuries.

A good pair of slippers can make a world of difference, and extra touches can increase warmth, comfort, and safety all the more. Slippers made of sheepskin are particularly effective at retaining warmth and often contain lanolin to help dry feet retain moisture. A durable, waterproof, skid-free bottom will provide extra safety against falls both indoors and outdoors.

Another item to consider as a stocking stuffer are no-tie shoe laces. These stretchable laces feature a cord lock and can be adjusted tighter or looser with a simple tug. They are a fantastic option for someone with joint pain and stiffness who has found shoe-tying an increasing challenge. They are also a better alternative to Velcro shoe straps, which don’t tend to offer as snug a fit.

Christmas female slippers on the background of a burning fireplace

Gifts for Loved Ones with Diabetes

While circulation tends to slow with age, the effects of diabetes can cause even further problems in getting needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells of our feet. The problems with temperature and healing faced as a natural part of aging can be felt even sooner in the feet of a diabetic, and grow worse as the years go by.

The same types of slippers that can provide warmth and protection for an older loved one can also be effective for a loved one with diabetes. In both cases, it’s important to ensure there are no irritating seams or sections of the slippers that can cause friction and sores. Many brands of slippers can be found that are made especially for diabetic feet.

Specially made diabetic socks are also an excellent option. While there are basic pairs that are made without seams for added comfort and protection, you can take things a step further. Some models also include gel cushioning for added comfort and reduced friction, or anti-bacterial composition to reduce risks of infection. Regardless of your ultimate choice, it is crucial they be non-restrictive to not get in the way of circulation.

Gifts for Others in Need

Giving is of course not limited to friends and family. There is a world full of people for whom small gestures can have a day-, week-, month-, or life-changing effect.

And this is where those simple, no-frills socks come in.

Socks are the article of clothing most requested by homeless individuals and families. Socks get worn out and ragged quite quickly when you only have one or two pairs, but they are not a need that is considered as often as food or money.

They joy of clean, comfortable socks is easy to overlook until you have had to spend days in the same threadbare pair. Having good socks also helps prevent blisters, sores, and other friction-based problems from developing.

Simple, white, men’s crew socks are the most requested kind. They are inexpensive by the pack, and most homeless people and shelters will be thrilled to accept them.

Another effective way to give to others is through donating to organizations who help others throughout the world. At Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists, we are proud to partner with MiracleFeet. It is a medical network that treats children born with clubfoot throughout the world who might otherwise not have access to the care they need.

MiracleFeet depends on the kindness of doctors, donors, and individuals to pursue their mission. If you feel so inclined, please consider donating to help children with clubfoot. Donating in the name of a charitably conscious loved one might also make a lovely gift!

The most memorable gifts tend to be the ones that show people you understand who they are and what their life is like. A good foot care present can be just that in some cases, as are charitable gifts that hit upon what others need most.

When you or a loved one has a podiatric problem, our goal is to provide exactly the care you need most, as well. Our Ladera Ranch office is always happy to hear from you. Just give us a call at (949) 364-9255 (WALK) or fill out our online contact form.