Midfoot Fracture & the LisFranc Injury

A midfoot fracture and LisFranc injury of the midfoot is often caused by dropping something heavy on the top of the foot or by falling after catching the foot in a hole. Symptoms are similar to a sprain and include swelling and pain at the top of the foot, bruising, possible inability to bear weight and pain when moving the foot while the ankle is held steady. If you think you have a sprain and it does not improve with rest and ice after one to two days, you may have a Lisfranc joint fracture and should see a doctor to prevent further injury.

The diagnosis of a LisFranc injury is generally made with a thorough history and physical exam as well as standard x-rays of the foot.  An MRI may be ordered to evaluate the ligaments of the midfoot.  On occasion, the foot & ankle specialist will order a CT scan to determine the extent of the bone injury.

If the ligaments and the bones of the midfoot are not severely injured or displaced, non-surgical treatment is indicated with immobilization.  The patient will need to be immobilized for 6 weeks.  However, if the ligaments and the bones of the midfoot are severely injured or displaced, then surgery may be necessary to realign the foot.  Surgery may involve the use of plates and screws which may need to be removed later, once the ligaments and bones are healed.

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