Heel Bone Fracture

(Calcaneal Fracture)

A fracture of the calcaneus, or heel bone fracture, is usually the result of an automobile accident or fall from a great height. Its symptoms include pain on the outside of the ankle or under the heel; inability to bear weight and swelling and stiffness. This fracture may be accompanied by back or knee injury due to the amount of force required to break the heel bone.

Diagnosis of a calcaneal fracture is typically done by a physical exam and a standard foot and ankle x-rays.  A CT scan is usually ordered for surgical planning.  Surgery is usually recommended if the bone has lost its alignment and shape.  One should expect a lengthy recovery period after undergoing a calcaneus fracture surgery.  After surgery, the patient should not put weight on the affected foot for 6-8 weeks.  Anyone who sustains a displaced fracture of the calcaneus (especially one involving the joint), should expect to develop some amount of arthritis. If the arthritis causes pain and/or dysfunction of the foot, then further surgery may be required.

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