It’s wonderful to get extended families together over the holidays for meals, fun, and gift-giving, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to get for older grandparents—especially those who may be less active or have trouble seeing or reading. Following are some ideas for holiday gifts for seniors (including some for feet) that show you care about their comfort.

No one is too old to enjoy the new tablets and iPads with easy touch screen features. Show them a couple of favorite websites or games and they will have hours of fun, even if they are unable to move around much.

Some things wear out, so new towels or bed linens that match their décor might be useful. You could also give a throw or blanket to keep feet and legs warm on chilly days. For a personal touch you could even make one of the easy fleece ones that require no sewing.

Photos, scrapbooks or videos of the grandkids are always popular, too, and can be enjoyed over and over. One of those digital frames that show a series of snapshots can give grandparents who live far away a glimpse of your life through the last year.

Don’t forget gifts for feet while you are at it. Comfortable memory foam slippers may be welcome, as well as diabetic socks, or foot creams and lotions to prevent dry skin and calluses. For those who have trouble bending and reaching, a shoe horn with a long handle may be helpful, as might long-handled grabbers to help retrieve things that have dropped.

Most seniors will appreciate things that will get used up rather than accumulate, like a basket of fruit or foot care gifts. How about gift certificates to their favorite restaurant or grocery store? Or, if they still enjoy being active, how about a health club membership at a place that caters to seniors?

We hope this list is helpful and will touch off other ideas in your head about what to get for Grandpa and Grandma. If you need specific information about what products are best for diabetic feet, or if you need a diagnosis for a foot problem you have developed, we are just a phone call away at (949) 364-9255 (WALK). You can also visit our office in Ladera Ranch, CA, or schedule using this form on our website.