We celebrate the 4th of July to remember our country’s Declaration of Independence, and we want our feet to feel healthy and attractive without dryness and peeling while we do so. There is no true comparison, of course, between the seriousness of thirteen colonies separating from an oppressive ruler, and your decision to improve the health of your foot skin. On the other hand, the itching, roughness, snags, and even cracks on your callused heels can feel rather oppressive and painful. So be brave and take a stand! You can relieve dry skin with the following easy home care tips.

  • Fight back against dry skinScrub away the dead skin cells. Dry skin in pressure areas like your heel can turn into calluses—layers of dead skin cells that harden and turn white. Exfoliate them away with a natural mixture of olive oil and brown sugar, or soak your feet in lemon juice for a few minutes and use a loofah or soft brush to slough away dead skin.
  • Soak your feet to soften skin. You can add ingredients like honey to warm water (1/4 cup per quart). The enzymes in it help heal dry skin and hold moisture in place. The warm water increases circulation in your feet, which brings nutrients to the dry areas to make your cells healthier and keep skin soft.
  • Moisturize your skin. Regular petroleum jelly provides a moisturizing, protective coating to allow skin to rejuvenate itself. It is best to do a heavy application of the gel at night before bed and cover with a pair of socks to let it work overnight. Wash it off in the morning and apply a less greasy moisturizer for daytime that won’t be as slippery. Oils such as olive and coconut work well, or you can find a good lotion that does not contain alcohol or too many chemicals.

When you “throw off” the bonds of dry calluses, itchy skin, and flakiness, it liberates you to enjoy “the pursuit of happiness” with family and friends without embarrassment or discomfort. We are always happy to help people by explaining how to care for dry feet, but we would also be pleased to help you by treating any foot problems you develop. Just call Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists at (949) 364-9255 (WALK) and we’ll join with you in the fight for healthier feet!