Custom Orthotics Help All Ages

by | Nov 22, 2017

Custom orthotics are strongly associated with adults—especially middle aged and older adults who have had a few decades of wear, tear, and hard mileage on their feet and ankles. This makes a lot of sense intuitively: older people do have more potential sources of pain and vulnerability.

But the truth is that people of all ages, including children, can benefit from custom orthotics when their feet are in pain. For starters, active kids can suffer overuse injuries just as well as adults can. And furthermore, not every foot problem is directly related to wear and tear.

Often there is an underlying problem with the walking gait or the structure of the feet and ankles themselves that causes pain. For example, flat feet or high arches might place excess pressure on certain areas of the foot, as well as pull other bones and joints out of biomechanical alignment to compensate. Adults can develop a problem like flat feet progressively over time, but kids may inherit such genetic imperfections, too. A custom orthotic can help you relieve that pressure and realign your feet and body, whether you’re 8, 48, or 88.

Of course, the primary concern with kids is that their feet are still growing. A custom orthotic designed to fit their exact foot shape probably isn’t going to fit for very long! For that reason, parents are often discouraged from buying appropriate inserts for their kids, whether due to inconvenience or financial concerns.

That said, it’s important to properly address foot pain and alleviate any sources of misalignment before the condition worsens or becomes chronic. We work hard to make our treatment options realistic, affordable, and effective for patients of all ages, especially when inserts may need to be replaced more than once per year.

No matter your age or condition, foot pain should be evaluated by a podiatric physician who can give you the best possible advice, treatment, and recommendations on how to regain control of your life and lifestyle. Give us a call at (949) 364-9255 to see Dr. Robert Spencer or Dr. Nitza Rodriguez at our Ladera Ranch office today!