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“I first learned about Dr. Rodriguez in an online support group for parents of children with clubfoot. I was looking for a doctor trained in the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment to work with my year-and-a-half-old son with neglected clubfoot who we were in the process of adopting. When Dr. Morcuende, the world’s foremost expert on clubfoot, gave Dr. Rodriguez his recommendation, I decided to contact her about working with my son.

Within an hour of sending her an email inquiry, she called me on the phone. During that initial conversation, she spent nearly an hour on the phone with me and gave me her personal cell phone number to call with any questions. (I assure you there are not many doctors who will do that!) Although I also consulted with a very respected doctor who was closer to our home, I never regretted the decision to take my son to Dr. Rodriguez due to her passion for clubfoot, extensive knowledge of and adherence to the Ponseti protocol, and her wonderful and open personality. I learned so much about the proper treatment of clubfoot through her patient guidance.

Dr. Rodriguez’s passion for working with clubfoot kids was so obvious in all of her interactions with me and my son. She is friendly, open, and caring. She always took her time with us, and we never felt rushed during any of our casting or follow up appointments. When I have had questions or concerns during the process, I have simply emailed or called her and I always receive a quick response. She has even been willing to talk to me on the phone in the evenings and weekends.

Having now known Dr. Rodriguez for several years, I know that she is extremely committed to her patients and to the care of children with clubfoot. She is kind. She is ethical. She is humble. And she puts the needs of her patients first. I am so thankful we chose Dr. Rodriguez to treat our son’s clubfoot.”


“It was day two or three of our stay at White Memorial Hospital in the labor unit. I grew tired of all of the doctors and interns that came to visit my son because he was born with a clubfoot on his right foot only. It felt like we were a show, but there was one intern who was very nice to talk to and she worked for Dr. Spencer. She relayed the message to Dr. Spencer that I would like to meet with him and see if he could possibly help my son. Dr. Spencer came to the hospital and explained the treatment plan.

As soon as we got out of the hospital we went to see Dr. Spencer and Dr. Rodriguez. It all happened so fast, Dr. Rodriguez not only spoke to me as a parent but I felt that she treated me as one of her interns as well. I really appreciated that about her and Dr. Spencer because it made me more knowledgeable about what my son had as well as less worried in terms of the procedures that would happen to my son.

Not only did I have my first newborn ever but he also had about a pound of casting on his right foot, which made it very difficult to do a lot of things that most people don’t even think twice about. They gave me their personal numbers and emails so that if I have any questions or concerns I could call and that made me feel even twice as secure with the doctors that I had picked for my son.

Unfortunately, my insurance wanted me to switch doctors in the middle of treatment, the doctors and I tried to fight the insurance to let us continue our care with Dr. Spencer and Dr. Rodriguez. Although the insurance company insisted on me going to another institution, they graciously continued to see us.

We would always go see Dr. Spencer and Dr. Rodriguez before our appointments with the other institution, because I strongly believe that they weren’t as knowledgeable as Dr. Rodriguez. I know this because when I would ask them questions they were stumped easily. Dr. Rodriguez trained me well.

Dr. Rodriguez was mentored by the best but does not let it go to her head. She is very sweet and loves her job and it shows when she talks to you and in the way she treats your child. I couldn’t have wished for a better duo they’re my heroes and quite frankly I don’t think I could have kept sane the first year of my son’s life if I didn’t have them.

Because Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Spencer helped my son so early in life he was able to walk on time, meeting most of his milestones, he plays sports, runs, jumps and is currently taking swimming class. His feet are perfect! He is almost 4 years old and enjoys putting on his braces at night as part of his bedtime routine.”


“A 20-week prenatal ultrasound revealed that Kai was growth restricted (estimated fetal weight was less that 10%) had very small femurs (soft indicator for various genetic disorders) and had a bilateral clubfoot deformity (congenital talipes equinovarus). The news was unexpected and emotionally devastating. The news was also the catalyst to take an active role in Kai’s treatment. We met with multiple health care specialists for a full battery of genetic testing and treatment options. With the help of concerned family members, we did an exhaustive search for clubfoot treatment options. We consulted with orthopedic specialists within our healthcare insurance network, but we also considered options outside of our network, if those options would provide Kai with the highest quality healthcare. Feedback from families whose children were currently receiving clubfoot treatment (in the west coast region) was a major factor in our decision-making process. Dr. Rodriguez was repeatedly recommended with very favorable opinions based on positive treatment outcomes. Families were traveling relatively long distances (e.g., from Las Vegas, Northern California, and San Diego) to her practice located in Orange County California, which seemed like a good indicator that her practice was something “special.”

 Kai was born March 7, 2016. Luckily he was a healthy baby boy (no genetic abnormalities and the growth restriction was inconsequential once he began nursing) although he did have bilateral clubfoot. Three weeks after birth Kai received his first casting from Dr. Rodriguez. Although there were several qualified doctors in the greater San Diego area, we chose to make the 1.5-hour drive and receive treatment “out-of-network” with Dr. Rodriguez. We could not be more satisfied with this decision. It was immediately evident upon meeting that she has a passion for her work. Dr. R has a natural warmth and compassion that envelops every aspect of her practice. She also provides us with an in-depth, comprehensive explanation (often using foot models, photos, illustrations, and even the latest publications) of Kai’s treatment plan and what we can expect. Further more, she provides us with contact information of other “club foot families” that work together, with Dr. R, as a support network. The emotionally devastating feeling we once had has been fully replaced with complete optimism thanks to Dr. Rodriguez. Our son now has perfect little feet that are currently being maintained under Dr. Rodriguez’s care. Dr. R’s connection to her patients is uncommon and we feel more like a family than patients. She is the rare individual who is willing to return calls at night and on weekends (even when she is on vacation) when we have questions.”

Brian and LO

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