If you’re going to be scared anyway this Halloween, why not make it for a good cause? Higgins Manor Haunted House in Ladera Ranch, CA gives visitors a creepy good time without charge, but encourages donations to a local charity instead—GreenDog Foundation this year. Just be careful—you don’t want a stress fracture from those wild jumps when you’re frightened out of your wits!

Landing wrong from a jump is just one way you can get these hairline cracks in bones. Other scary habits include:

  • Running too far – overuse and unrelieved trauma from landing on your feet over and over during a run is the most common reason stress fractures occur.
  • Starting too fast – begin new activities gradually, to give your hard and soft tissues time to adapt to the new movements. If you don’t, you risk bone damage because they are not up the demands.
  • Resting too little – bone constantly renews itself, resorbing old tissue and making new cells. The bone deteriorates when you are active, but it only builds new cells while you are at rest, so those downtimes are critical to their health.
  • Wearing poor support – if your shoes don’t cushion your steps properly, the force is applied directly to your bones, causing them to become fatigued and develop tiny fissures. These can eventually develop into a full fracture, so buy the right shoes and replace them when they begin to break down.
  • Choosing hard surfaces – If you usually run on grass or trails, and suddenly switch to concrete or pavement, you are just asking for trouble. Your foot can’t adjust to those new demands quickly and can very easily be hurt.
  • Gaining extra weight – the stress on your feet and bones increases with every pound or two you put on. Eat right and get enough exercise to keep your weight under control.
  • Eating the wrong food – your bones need calcium and vitamin D to stay strong. If they are lacking, you could develop osteoporosis—thinning bones that are more susceptible to breaking.

Avoid these poor habits, but if you still experience pain in your foot or ankle, don’t wait to call Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists in Ladera Ranch, CA and set up an appointment. Prompt action can mean the difference between quick healing times and months of pain. Dial (949) 364-9255, or schedule your appointment using our online form.