Summer is officially “kicked off” after the carnivals, festivals, barbeques—and the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon/5K/10K races this past weekend. You may have started summer with a bang, but take care that your enthusiasm for running doesn’t land you with an injury. We want to share some training tips that may help in preventing stress fractures and other overuse injuries.

  • Tip #1: Eat the right foods. You may know about carbs and exercise, but we are talking about vitamins and minerals. Be sure you get enough vitamin D and calcium, preferably from the foods you eat, to build strong bones and head off damage.
  • Tip #2: Use the right shoes. Extra stress on unsupported bones weakens them and leads to hairline cracks in the surface. Look for the proper arch support, shock-absorbing insoles, and stiffer outer soles, or you may be asking for trouble.
  • Tip #3: Develop the right muscles. Strength or resistance training can help develop stronger muscles that help hold your bone structures in position and prevent fatigue. We know how legs and feet work—ask us about which muscles you should concentrate on.
  • Tip #4: Make changes the right way. It is never good to make sudden alterations in your training distance or intensity. Aim for a 10% increase per week and let your tissues gradually adjust to what you are asking of them.
  • Tip #5: Choose the right activities. Varying your routine from “run-run-run-run” to “run-bike-run -yoga” could not only prevent stress fractures but also help you perform better. The more muscle groups are used and strengthened, the better your whole body will perform.
  • Tip #6: Interpret body signals the right way. Pain says stop what is causing it and check out what’s going on. Swelling says rest and put your feet up so your tissues can heal from any damage. Listen to your body!

Need more help to get in a good running groove? Call Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists in Ladera Ranch at (949) 364-9255 (WALK) and set up a visit with our foot and ankle specialists. You can also request an appointment online. We will work with you so you can train in a safe and efficient way.