It’s no secret that people who spend time playing sports like soccer or baseball put a lot of pressure on their feet. Whether they’re running, jumping, kicking, or otherwise exercising, sports increase the likelihood that they will injure one or both of their feet. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to avoid injuries and keep your feet safe.

  1. Wear the right shoes. Many sports require players to wear certain types of shoes. Each specialty type of shoe, like a football cleat or a running shoe, is designed to support feet through the common motions specific to that sport. For athletes to avoid foot injuries, they should always wear the right type of shoe for the activity at hand so that their feet are properly supported and protected.
  2. Select foot cushions appropriately. Besides wearing the proper footwear, athletes should find out about the unique shape of each of their feet and select cushions accordingly. People’s feet are different, but even specialty sports shoes are made according to general standards. Cushions compensate for the unique traits of feet, filling in gaps in footwear and providing extra support where it is needed.
  3. Always stretch. As the classic advice suggests, stretching before, after, and even during exercise is extremely important. Stretching helps muscles to stay in shape and properly perform the activities involved in sports. When athletes don’t stretch, extra pressure is put on other parts of the body, like the feet, to compensate for the resulting muscle tightness. When feet are sore, they can also be stretched. Athletes should place their heels on the floor curl their toes as far down as they can to stretch out and relax the tight muscles in their feet.
  4. Give feet a rest. Like every other part of the body, feet need rest to stay healthy and fit. Since feet are under a lot of pressure through daily activities and experience extra stress during sports activities, it is important athletes’ feet get extra rest. After games or working out, athletes are encouraged to extend their legs and put their feet up to improve circulation and relieve pressure. If a foot injury has occurred, it is best to seek foot injury treatment from an expert. In the meantime, give the foot a rest and elevate it. Wrap it in an elastic bandage to reduce swelling and ice it. This will help to keep the injury from getting worse and decrease the discomfort it causes.

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