Ladera Ranch is full of fun activities and parties during the holidays, and the last thing you want to think about is an ankle injury, but maybe you should. It is quite easy to break your ankle. Don’t believe us? We can think of ten ways right off the bat.

Santa arrives in a fire truck to turn on the holiday lights. He jumps down, lands hard on his heels, and snap! There’s #1.

You walk around enjoying Christmas light displays and your foot lands on the edge of a loose chunk of pavement, rolling your ankle over. Victim number #2.

Your wife did the Jingle Bell Run/Walk this year, and tripped on her trailing string of Christmas lights. (Hey, it could happen if you choose such an inappropriate costume!) That makes her #3.

Grandma walks around the block every evening after supper, but tonight she doesn’t negotiate the curb by the corner and trips and falls. #4.

Your teenager loves skateboarding at the local park, but today his big ollie is a big flop. There’s #5.

Your beast of a dog pulled so hard on the leash today you lost your balance and twisted your foot—badly. Oops! We’re up to #6.

Your uncle climbed the ladder to put the lights on the eaves and missed a rung on the way down, landing crooked on his ankle. Yeah, there’s #7.

You take your family to the Nutcracker Ballet in Laguna Beach this weekend, and your daughter ends up dancing all around the house—until she tries a big leap and slams into the couch. “Ouch!” #8.

Your neighbor has osteoporosis, poor lady, and slipped in the shower, banging her foot against the tiles. That’s all it took for #9.

Your dad went to Rudy’s for his tree, and sure, they deliver, but he still had to get it in the house, and the heavy trunk landed right on his ankle. Voila! #10.

And you thought we couldn’t come up with ten causes of ankle fractures. Now that you see what we mean, maybe you’ll make the effort to be a bit more careful. If you do break your ankle, we won’t say “I told you so.” We’ll just do all we can to make sure it heals properly.  Southern California Foot & Ankle Specialists in Ladera Ranch, CA is just a phone call away at (949) 364-9255 (WALK).